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(AREA 1 is in the VCI Library, just inside the main entrance and to the left of the main exhibitor area (Cafetorium). )

10:30 A.M.: You are just getting older. Stop complaining! It’s just the natural process of age!  Really? How often do we 50-plus people hear this? It isn’t true.
Presenter: Homeopath Pat Deacon says, “” You are just getting older. Stop complaining! It’s just the natural process of age ” Really ? How often do we 50 plus people hear this ? Is it true ?
My experience is “no”! Homeopathy is a system of medicine that holds out the hope for change in our bodies, that doesn’t limit itself to what is “normal” or expected. My attitude with patients, no matter how old they are, is “let’s see what we can do!” and I am always amazed at the results. I will share some examples during my session. Come and join me !”
Pat Deacon has been a professional homeopath and homeopathic educator for more than 20 years in Canada and in the U.K. and now online (with patients all over the world).  Her practice is located on Main Street in Vankleek Hill.
In English, with some French.

11:00 A.M.: Will you be ready for your Retirement?  Did you know that many families do not have a game plan when it comes to their financial wellness? Did you know that the median value of an RRSP is an inadequate $48,000 (source:, February 25, 2014). Let Primerica teach you the fundamental concepts that have helped millions of clients build financial security. Learn the three different savings accounts you need, retirement savings strategies, the power of compound interest, tax-deferred vs. taxable investments, …and more!
Presenters: Kevin Gordon and Ria Quik, Primerica.
Kevin Gordon has 18 years of experience in the financial services industry. Kevin is a branch manager and member of the Financial Independence Council with Primerica Financial Services. Kevin and his team are proud to help families become financially independent through a combination of education, diverse solutions and opportunities. Kevin was born and raised in Ottawa and completed his Commerce degree at Carleton University.
Ria Quik has lived in L’Orignal for the past 30 years. She holds a degree in Science from McGill University and also studied management there. A successful small business owner for 19 years, brings a wealth of experience with her and has served families with Primerica Financial Services for the past four years. She has been an avid volunteer for several organizations. Ria is also an expert flat water kayaker and outdoor enthusiast who completed the Outdoor Adventure Naturalist Program at Algonquin College in Pembroke.

11:30 A.M.: If you don’t plan your final goodbye, who will?
Presenter: Mark Henderson, Hillcrest Funeral Home.

You plan most of the things in your life yourself and don’t leave it up to others. Would you let someone else choose what school you go to, what neighbourhood to live in, pick out your car, what bank to use or even write your last will for you. Most of us would answer no. Why then is it O.K to make your family take on the responsibility of planning your funeral? Come join Mark Henderson and listen to him explain how he can help you plan a” Meaningful Goodbye” that is right for you and your family.

12:00 noon: LUNCH BREAK.

12:30 P.M.: Is it possible to reprogram false beliefs, reach our goals at work, in sports, alleviate the pain caused by a relationship or improve a relationship? Is it possible to help someone suffering from ADHD? Find out about dynamic energy healing.
Presenter: Michel Couture, Therapist and owner/teacher of Direct Pressure Point Technique and Dynamic Energy. Training in Kinesiology, Reiki Master.
In French.

1:00 P.M.: Easy Ayurveda: “hands on practices” for maintaining daily balance. In everyday life we will encounter family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, strangers, or simply face ourselves and sometimes these meetings may create less than favorable thoughts and emotions. At that moment it is important to diminish this sense of “dis-ease”by bringing our mind and body back to a comfortable place.
Presenter: Alison Logee has been an Ayurvedic Practitioner since 2007. She has undergone formal training at the Ayurveda Holistic Centre in Montreal, Quebec and has trained in Toronto and Kerala, India. She currently owns and operates an Independent Dental Hygiene Practice from her home in St.Eugene, situated between Rigaud, Quebec and Vankleek Hill. Her passion and knowledge of Ayurveda has inspired her to combine traditional and natural ways in Oral health care.
To learn more about Alison, please visit:

1:30 P.M.: Topic: Legit or fake? How do you know when it’s safe to download or install an update? Learn more and protect your computer and your personal information.
Presenter:  Ben Martin, of Digital Influence. Ben is a graphic and website designer, and a computer/software repair and installation expert.

2:00 P.M.: Topic: When can you do it yourself, and when is it time to call a plumber? Hunter Smith will explain the most common plumbing problems and share some how-to tips!
Presenter: Hunter Smith, owner of Hunter’s Plumbing.

2:30 P.M.: Yoga….feel your body come to life …. it’s a work in! (Not a work-out 🙂
Presenter: Hannah, Integral (Hatha) Yoga Instructor.

3:00 P.M.: What to look for in a retirement home? A senior citizen talks about
what to consider when it is time to move out of your main residence and
choose a retirement home. What really matters? What should you think about?
How can you prepare to ensure life is rich and satisfying?
Presenter: Richard Charest is a retired business professional.

3:30 P.M.: Ever wonder what Therapeutic Recreation is?  Join Monica Ahrens of GIAG for an informative discussion and active presentation. Purpose: To facilitate the development, maintenance, and expression of an appropriate leisure lifestyle, to improve health, well-being and quality of life.
Presenter: G.I.A.G. – Monique Ahrens.


Presentations will take place at the end of First Community Lane
(the hallway to the left at the main entrance).

10:30 A.M.: What items should you donate to a museum? When is it time to pass things on? Glengarry Pioneer Museum curator Jennifer Black will talk about a museum’s function in the community. What are artifacts? What do museums tend to collect (including genealogy)? Learn how to preserve your documents, photos and objects at home and learn how to know when it is time to pass these items on to a museum.
Presenter: Jennifer Black, Curator of Glengarry Pioneer Museum.

11 A.M.: The Art Market Today: Expert advice on buying and selling art and decorative arts in today’s volatile market place.
Pridham’s Auction House, Robin A. Pridham, Professional Auctioneer, Antiques & Art Expert.
In English.

11:30 A.M.: Preparing for Retirement, and the Value of Estate Planning.
We begin with an overview of some common obstacles and concerns faced by those approaching retirement, to be followed by a discussion of solutions available to help  mitigate these concerns. We will finish by looking at the value of estate planning and how proper preparation can leave you and your loved ones with the peace of mind necessary to enjoy your retirement.
Presenter: Jeff Gorman is District Vice President at Manulife Investments. Jeff is a dedicated financial services executive who calls upon vast industry expertise to provide risk management solutions utilizing investment and retirement income strategies.


12:30 P.M.: Become a Dementia Friend.
A Dementia Friend is someone who learns a little bit more about what it’s like to live with dementia and then turns that understanding into simple actions that can help people with dementia live well.
Josée Lefebvre, Education Coordinator, Alzheimer’s Society.
In English & French.

1 P.M.: Have you ever wondered about your purpose in life? Given these busy times do we take time to question the meaning of our lives and what we are called to do in this busy world? Vivianne LaRiviere will spend some time addressing these issues and also invite us to consider the true meaning of ‘our calling’ in life. The first language of the soul is about imagery, and Vivianne is here today to introduce ways in which we can tap into our most cherished resource and make the best of our lives and our decisions.Whether you consider your self a spiritual person, a religious person, or a secularist, Vivianne’s message imparts a wisdom that is beneficial to all who are seeking purpose and meaning in their lives. Here lies an invitation to begin to consider and reconsider our options for good living and the responsibilities we are called to invoke as a result.
Presenter: Vivianne LaRiviere – founder and director of The Songroom (  is a Spiritual Arts Practitioner, a multi-media artist and a ‘fringe’ theologian.She is also a Reiki Master and a drum carrier.  Vivianne holds a master degree in Pastoral Studies, A master degree in Theological Studies, and is presently engaged in a Doctorate of Ministry program.  Vivianne’s focus is on ‘the convergence of art and spirituality’ and how such an approach can lead us to our pathway to joy. Vivianne teaches, counsels, coaches and facilitates workshops and retreats. She has a private practice, and is also available for corporate or institutional consulting. The mission and focus of The Songroom is on spiritual renewal, creative expression and ethical community building. The Songroom is developing as a model of an emerging contemplative community with a focus on spiritual and self development. Vivianne is also presently spreading the word on her approach known as: The Art of Soul: Care.’

1:30 P.M.: Come discover the top seven destinations to see in your lifetime!
Presenter: Diane Kirby, Voyages DK Travel.

2 P.M.: Often, seniors are in need of companionship or support so that they can continue to live in their own homes and live rich, independent lives.What can you do to support a senior living on his or her own? What is too much and what is just enough? Find out what you can do to make a difference in the life of an older person in your life.
Presenter: Carol Willems, of Seniors for Seniors.

2:30 P.M.: Stumbling into business ownership just when you thought you were done with work.”  Nick Goursky will talk about how a hobby/pastime that contributed a little pocket money to the household economy turned into a full-time job with employees and all the trappings — after he retired. Meet the man behind the beautiful wood items that are associated with Beau’s All-Natural Brewing Company.
Presenter: Nick Goursky studied music and worked as teacher/performer and occasional composer;Went into radio broadcasting (CBC and Radio Canada International);Became freelance writer (advertising copy, corporate communications, audio-visual and video scripts);Spent his last 15 working years (to 2006) as academic administrator and project manager (Algonquin College and Alfred Campus, U. of Guelph).

3 P.M.: Topic: TBA.

3:30 P.M.:  How can a four legged friend help you feel younger? When we adopt a pet, we start out thinking that we are helping the pet but when take a closer look, most of the time this new friend is really helping us. Brian will discuss the many health, mental and social benefits that animals bring to us.
Presenter: Dr. Brian MacCormick, MacCormick Veterinary Services.


(Presentations will take place in the School Kitchen.)

10:30 A.M.: Soup, glorious soup! Don’t cook by the book. Come listen to the basics of soup-making,including an easy way to make good stock. Use the vegetables on hand to
make inexpensive, healthy soups. Taste delicious samples and learn something new!
Zoltan says: Do not be afraid of your kitchen!
Presenter: Zak Valyi Vrana has been selling his soups, sauces and other products
at local markets since the age of 17. Self-taught, Zak loves sharing
his passion for food to encourage everyone to cook!

11:30 A.M.: TBA.


12:30 P.M.: Join Gudula in the kitchen for a 25-minute presentation on how to design your own morning smoothie. Learn the must-have basic ingredients and also the optional choices you can add to make a smoothie geared to your lifestyle and wellness needs. Taste an easy-to-make probiotic-rich smoothie and a smoothie rich in leafy greens.
Presenter:Gudula Bauer DHHP, IN HC
practices as a Health Coach In Fournier, Ontario, she graduated in 2004 with a practitioner Diploma in Homeopathy and Heilkunst from the Hahnemann Center College and added on to her training with a Raw Nutrition Certification in 2013 as well as a Health Coaching Certification in 2014. Gudula is empowering clients to embrace self-care, coaching one on one, in groups or workshops attainable methods to improve upon their wellbeing. From creating better habits, making better nutritional choices, goal setting to learning about the impact of common household products and personal care products in your life. Gudula is a catalyst and mentor to get you inspired to reach the health and wellness goals you set for yourself. Through her business ‘Food Activated’ she offers workshops in fermenting vegetables, food preparation with a dehydrator, smoothie preparations and the sprouting of nuts and seeds.
Learn more at: [email protected]com
In English.

1:30 P.M.: The Flare of Whiskey. Whiskey is not what it used to be. Jennifer Keogh from the LCBO will tantalize your taste buds and educate you in the many different varieties of Whiskey. Everything from Canadian made Sortilège Maple Syrup Whiskey to Fireball Whiskey and its amazing popularity. Get ready for winter and warm yourself from the inside out!
Presenter: Jennifer Keogh, from the LCBO.

2:30 P.M.: Wine and cheese pairings. Come enjoy samples and learn what’s what
with new wines and cheeses.
Presenter: Jennifer Keogh, from the LCBO.

3:30 P.M.: Beau’s chef Bruce Wood, will pair Tom Green (a variety of Beau’s) with Bleu cheese & Beau’s Farm Table Marzen with individual knockwurst “toad in the holes” with Beau’s beer mustard.
Chef Bruce Wood, from Beau’s All-Natural Brewing Company.


MAKE IT & TAKE IT / Hands-on workshops — AREA 4:

(Presentations will take place in the Art Room.

10:30 A.M.: Explore printmaking by using found objects to print cards. I will provide everything you need to make something fun, possibly colourful and unique.
Facilitator: Artist Niki Mulder was born in Vancouver, BC. Studied at Capilano College in North Vancouver, BC. Moved to Halifax, NS and completed a Bachelor of
Fine Arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, moved to
Quebec and completed a Master of Fine Arts at Concordia University.
Throughout the years she has studied textiles, printmaking and book
making. In English.

Tree of Life: silver wire with Swarovski Crystal inside of a round shell.

11:30 A.M.:  Project: Create this TREE OF LIFE pendant to take home and wear on your own chain. Silver wire, Swarovski crystals.
Limit: 20 participants for this session.
Facilitator: Jewellery-maker Katrine Marrin, 2Kenya16.


12:30 P.M.: Topic: Create a leather bracelet. Make it your own and take it home, with the help of an experienced leather-worker.
Limit: 25 participants for this session.
Facilitator: Lynn Macnab.
In English.

1:30 P.M.: Workshop: Join Tara to make your very own take-home bath tea from natural ingredients. In just 20 minutes.
Limit: 20 to 25 participants for this session.
Facilitator: Tara MacWhirter, of Garden Path Homemade Soap Company.
In English and French.

2:30 P.M.: Create a herb garden to see you through the winter! Join members of the Vankleek Hill & District Horticultural Society as they help you plant three herbs in a pot to take home!
Limit: 20 participants per session.
Presenter: Members of the Vankleek Hill & District Horticultural Society.

3:30 P.M.: Repeat of the 2:30 p.m. workshop.
Limit: 20 participants per session.
Presenter: Members of the Vankleek Hill & District Horticultural Society.